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C2 LoVo

C2 LoVo PaintC2 LoVo PaintC2 LoVo is the new non-toxic, Low-VOC paint that's available in all of C2's 496 handcrafted, luxurious colors, and in every finish sheen.  Designers and homeowner's, rejoice!  Finally, a premium Low-VOC paint with infinite color options.  We can customize our LoVo paint to any color you can imagine, whether that be a rich, rainforest green or a vivid violet, you can be sure it's a color that's good for you, your family and the environment.

C2 Paint has a smarter way of sampling, too.  We offer 16 ounce LoVo samplers so you can try it before you commit, allowing for fewer mistakes and less waste.  With limitless coor options, a green sampling program and maximum coverage, who said green can’t be gorgeous????

LoVo FAQ’s

C2 LoVo PaintWhat does VOC mean?
Technically speaking, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) refer to chemical compounds that tend to vaporize into the atmosphere.  C2 LoVo emits fewer VOCs than regular paint, reducing the amount of ground-level ozone contaminants into our atmosphere, therefore reducing its overall carbon footprint.  C2 LoVo is an environmentally friendly way to add color – and conscience – to your home.

Why should I use a Low-VOC paint?
By using a Low-VOC paint, you are choosing to help reduct the amount of ground-level ozone released into the atmosphere.  For a healthier environment, whether it applies to your living room or the biosphere, C2 created the low-impact LoVo formula to exceed current marketplace safety standards – without sacrificing quality or color composition. 

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