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Decorating Services - Design Services

  1. Detail Design consultation involving: Lighting, Window Coverings, furnishings; the service fee applicable is $100/hour.
  2. Colour Design Consultations involving: Colour selection and colour co-ordination for floors, walls, cabinetry, furnishings, and appliances:  The service fee applicable is $100/hour. Such service fee shall be applicable once a client has signed a standard Bergsma’s Design Services Agreement. Introductory meetings at the showroom or Bergsma’s residence are free of charge unless otherwise agreed.
  3. Shopping Services including: the time required to source, assist in sourcing or accompanying clients to buy specialty materials, appliances,  furnishings, upholstery, etc; The service fee applicable is  $100/hour Such fees may also include travel expense depending on the extent of travel involved. Typically, travel is not charged for mileage of less than 50km.
  4. Project Management Services:  Should a client choose to have Bergsmas oversee their renovation on a design and administrative basis, then a range of fees shall be applicable. The following table provides examples and is not detailed or complete.


Service Description

Service Class


Finalization of appliance colour, specifications and size in relationship to the final kitchen design.



Selection and/or verification of colour matches with hardwood floors, & cabinetry, carpets, ceramic floors and stone work etc.



Determination of exact quantity, type and locations for both area and task lighting fixtures with drawings



Consultation on the type, colour, style and size of cabinetry, countertops and trim  as to suitability in a specific location



Preparation of specialty drawings for Fabrication of furnishings or custom cabinetry



Tendering Services  for a renovation project including: Putting the tender package together, prequalification of sub-trades and final tendering of trades, preparation of sub-trade agreements; administration and approval of progress payments; Cost Accounting and reporting


Fees for:  
Design Services:              $ 100.00/hour
Administrative Services:  $ 50.00/hour
Travel, if applicable:         To be determined

In addition, Bergsmas is prepared to engage on a straight percentage fee basis, or a combination of hourly plus percentage of the total project value depending on the scope and complexity of the job. Each project is assessed on its own merits. Applicable taxes are extra.

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