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At Bergsma’s Paint we’re proud of the products we represent and expect the most from our partner vendors listed below. Who we deal with is an extension of us, so rest assured quality and value is what you can expect. We pride ourselves on our colour matching, stain matching and problem solving expertise. Over 100 years of combined experience is represented by our team, our service never goes out of style!

C2 Paint

C2 PaintC2 PaintC2 Paint is quickly emerging as one of the most innovative, high quality paints in the marketplace today, and is in prime position to forever change the way designers and homeowners spec‚ sample‚ buy and experience color. Handcrafted by an alliance of passionate small business owners across the U.S. and Canada‚ C2 Paint is the first paint company to employ a 16–colorant European tinting system rather than the 12–colorant systems known in North America today.

C2 Paint's European colorants are made of finely ground artist-grade pigments that create an unmatchable luminosity and depth.  These tiny particles of pigment are suspended in superior paint, which results in higher solid content when applied on the wall, thereby creating richer, deeper colors.

C2 has always been an industry leader in the development of unique color tools, color palette, and product line of superior performing coatings.


Pittsburgh Paint

Pittsburgh Paint Available At Bergsma's Paint & DecorA tradition was established early with PPG and Pittsburgh® Paints- use the best technology, manufacture the best quality products, and provide exceptional, dedicated service. Today, that steadfast commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of Pittsburgh Paint.

Pittsburgh Paint offers solutions for contractors, architects, specifiers, paint dealers and consumers in all markets. Today, Pittsburgh Paints continues the foremost tradition of supplying the high quality, comprehensive product lines and leading-edge technologies.  Pittsburgh Paints are available at Bersma's Paint & Decor.


Featured Products Available at Bergsma's Paint & Decor:

Manor Hall Timeless Interior

Manor Hall Timeless Interior Paint at Bergsma'sSurpassing existing premium and ceramic paints, Manor Hall Timeless combines all of the features required to deliver superior performance:

  • Exceptional Stain Resistance
  • High Washability
  • Burnish Resistance
  • Anitmicrobial Formula
  • Available in Matte, Eggshell Plus and Semi-Gloss

Manor Hall Timeless’ cross linking formulation enhances its ability to deliver beauty for a lifetime. Guaranteed.

Manor Hall Timeless Exterior

Bergsmas Paint Manor Hall Timeless ExteriorPittsburgh® Paints has utilized the most advanced technology to develop the new standard of excellence for exterior paint - lifetime warranted Manor Hall Timeless.

The cross linking 100% acrylic resin uses the features found in two-component high performance coatings to form a durable bond in one amazing coat. Pittsburgh® Paints is so confident in the quality and performance of this new project that Manor Hall Timeless is backed by a lifetime warranty against cracking, peeling and flaking. See for yourself why Timeless offers the performance of a lifetime:

  • 100% acrylic latex
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • One coat coverage
  • Self priming
  • Moisture and tannin resistant
  • Application down to 2° Celsius


Pure Performance

Pure Performance low VOC PaintPure Performance Latex is the premium paint that combines excellent durability, hiding and touch-up with zero VOC, minimal odor and Mildew resistance on the paint film. The perfect product for commercial, institutional & residential applications.

Certified as a top quality paint by the Master Painters Institute, Pure Performance is safe for all painting projects and guarantees professional results every time you use it:

  • Zero VOC
  • Very low odor
  • Easy application
  • Excellent adhesion
  • High hiding & great washability

More Information on Pittsburgh Paints


Sansin Stain

Sansin Stains With Sansin Enviro Stains, not only can you protect your wood naturally - you can also invite the beauty of nature into your life. Our collection of 79 unique colors is inspired by the stunning beauty of our world - the deep blue of a summer's sky, the rich yellows of the ripe harvest, the pure tones of the Southern desert.

Sansin doesn't just stain your wood; it actually becomes an integral part of  your wood's cell structure, protecting it naturally from within. Because Sansin  stains are water-borne, they can be applied even to wood with a high moisture  content. And they're not harmful to the environment.

Sikkens Stain

SikkensSikkensBergsma's Paint & Décor
realizes the challenges you face in selecting the right product to protect your wood project to ensure its longevity and we recommend quality Sikkens Products to keep your home looking Simply Beautiful. Sikkens Wood Care Products carry with them the reputation of North America 's best protection for interior, exterior, deck and log home projects. The Sikkens line is full of products for specific project needs.

Our staff are fully trained in the entire Sikkens line, and we are ready to help you select from the following products to ensure your wood project is protected for years to come.

Sikkens Exterior Stain program finishes, preserve, protect and bring out the natural beauty of all types of wood. Whether it's the natural look of Sikkens translucent Cetol Stains or the contemporary look of the Rubbol Solid Stain, Sikkens offers a wide range of colors and products that beautify your home as well as protect and perform like no other wood care products on the market.

Woodmate One Coat 

WoodmateWoodmateWe carry a complete line of Woodmate exterior wood coatings—ideal for use on fences, decks, wood furniture, wood siding and log siding, door and window frames—available in transparent and solid finishes; latex and alkyd systems.

We highly recommend Woodmate’s  One-Coat which has been designed with ACROIL technology, giving it the best of both technological worlds—oil and acrylic. The OIL gives it its penetration and adhesion to the surface while the ACRYLIC gives it surface protection and flexibility. One-Coat is designed to out-perform any new oil or acrylic stains onthe market today and it does it in ONE COAT! One-Coat will provide you with all the performance and durability of a 2 or 3 coat stain system and can be applied over existing oil and latex products for maintenance and recoating purposes.


Enviro Epoxy is a leader in the race to manufacture environmentally (green) friendly products for patching and coating concrete floors. With over 300 customers across North America, Enviro Epoxy continues to outpace the competition.

Our Enviro-Poxy EP100® line of two component 100% solids epoxy coating system is an advanced, environmentally friendly coating which contains no VOC’s (volatile organic compound), no solvent, no water, no harmful fumes and virtually no odor. Enviro-Poxy (EP100) has been formulated to provide superior functional and decorative properties, high chemical resistance, high mechanical strength, excellent durability and adhesion which protects the substrate from wear, chemical attack, stains, mechanical stress and bacteria formation.

PPG Commercial & High Performance Coatings



PPG Pure PerformancePittsburgh Paint offers professional quality paints that are specially formulated to meet the needs of commercial contractors.  High Quality Commercial Coatings such as Pure Performance allow our contractor clients to work and complete their commercial jobs and renovation projects on spec and on time.


For tough Industrial Coatings Applications, Bergsma's recommends PPG High Performance Coatings. PPG delivers innovative coatings systems for your toughest environments and these coatings deliver the results you and your customers expect from PPG.

PPG IndustrialPPG is the technology leader in High Performance Coatings. Their advances in aerospace, automotive and transportation coatings give them a tremendous R&D advantage over typical paint companies. You can trust PPG to provide technologically advanced High performance coatings that are easy to apply and last longer then conventional paints and coatings.

Saman Stain

Saman Water-Based Stain

Saman StainBecause of their unique formulation, SamaN stains are water-based solutions perfectly stabilized. It is thus possible to mix several colors to obtain an infinity of shades as you would with watercolour paints.   However, to make it easy for you, our technicians have created 128 new colors by combining two SamaN stains.


Saman Oil-Based Stain

Saman StainThe unique SamaN Oil-based wood stain formula seals, stains and varnish in one single step. You will get a mat finish with one coat and a satin finish with two coats.  The SamaN oil based stain is non-toxic, virtually odourless, fast drying and brings out the richness and vividness of fine wood.

Sansin Enviro Stains
Sansin Enviro Stain Available Now at Bergsmas