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C2 Colour Samplers
16 oz Samplers

C2 16 oz SamplerC2 Paint's 16 oz sampler can cover up to 50 square feet so you can feel confident about the colors you choose.  any color from the C2 Paint palette can be tined to suit your perfect shade and is available in topline eggshell sheen.

The Ultimate Paint Chip

C2 Ultimate Paint ChipAn 18" x 24" poster-sized paint chip, perfect for trying that new color without opening a paint jar.  Made from actual C2 paint, matching our Premium 100% acrylic interior eggshell finish exactly, these poster-size swatches come in every C2 Paint color.

C2 Paint Fan Deck

C2 Paint Fan DeckUnlike most other paint swatches, C2 Paint samples are made from actual C2 paint and match our Premium 100% acrylic interior eggshell finish exactly.  So finally, what you see on the swatch is what you'll get in the can.

C2 Designer Kits

C2 Designer KitsOur compact specifications kit contains Take Home Chips of each C2 Paint color. Convenient "lunch box" size, tough nylon canvas case, zipper top, handle and shoulder strap.  Refills available at your nearest C2 Paint dealer.